Integrity Softwork's new JVC front projector two-way module enables IP control which has previously been unavailable to integrators due to the complexity of JVC protocol. This comprehensive driver enables every one-way command defined by JVC.

Additionally, the module provides numerous two-way commands to retrieve numerous state and status values from the projector:

  • Power status
  • Current input
  • Source status
  • Model number
  • Picture mode
  • Color profile
  • Lamp power
  • e-Shift
  • Aspect ratio
  • Anamorphic mode
  • Source signal
  • Lamp tim
  • Colorimetry
  • HDR status

There are also several device events defined, allowing the Total Control integrator to trigger macros based on changes in the the following states:

  • Power state
  • Source state
  • HDR state

The driver is currently awaiting certification from URC and is now available for download at DriverCentral.